Free Printable Shapes for preschool

Printable Shapes Worksheets: Teaching shapes to the kids is the first step of learning. You can start to introduce the shapes at age of 2 years. The child explores the things around them.  Our shapes worksheets for preschool pdf are easy to download. Our shapes worksheets have interactive worksheets.

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Why learning shapes is important for kids?

 The child loves to learn new things. The learning shape is particularly important for kids because it helps in their brain development.


The child can relate the shapes with the objects around them. You need to teach them that all the object has a shape. It helps their visual perception of an object

When you teach the shapes for preschoolers, start with the basic shapes, and then move on to the other 2D shapes and 3D shapes. It is advisable to teach the corners and sides of the shapes along with their name. You need to teach the shapes with a real-time example.

For example, The object mobile is in a rectangular shape. The rectangular shape has 4 corners and 4 sides.


How to teach shapes to kids?

You can teach the shapes by playing the shape songs. The child shows their interest in learning only if we are learning along with them. You sing a shapes song along with your kid.

You can teach the shapes using playdough or clay. You sit along with your child and make the dough of different shapes and sizes.

You can also teach the shapes through a story. You can narrate a story using the shape name as the character name of the story. Kids love the funny story.

Repeated and consistent teaching will help the child to learn the shapes fast. You can use our shapes printable for free to teach the shapes.


How to download the free printable shapes worksheets?


Click the download now image at the end of this post to download the free printable shapes worksheets.


Printable Shapes Worksheet – Learning Shapes

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Printable Shapes Worksheet – Shapes Tracing Worksheet

shapes worksheets for preschool pdf


Printable Shapes Worksheet – Count the shapes worksheet

shapes worksheets for preschool pdf, free shapes worksheets



Printable Shapes Worksheet – Match the shapes worksheet

shapes worksheets for preschool pdf


free printable shapes download link



Final Note


Teaching different shapes helps the kid to visualize and analyze the shape and size of an object. It helps in brain development. I hope ‘printable shapes for preschool’ assists you in teaching your preschoolers. ‘Momovators’ is all about parenting, education, health, and lifestyle.





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