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You will find the engaging pattern brain teaser worksheet in this post.  The continue the pattern worksheet includes the ABC pattern, ABB pattern, and ABA pattern activity. You teach the sequence of the pattern before they start doing the worksheet. So that, they will find it easy to complete this worksheet. It helps to improve their critical thinking skills.

continue the pattern, pattern worksheets @momovators

These pattern worksheets include three different sequences of patterns. They are AB, AAB, and ABC pattern. You will also find the pattern cards in this PDF. 

You can use this worksheet in 3 ways. The first method is the scissor activity. The child can cut and paste the pattern cards in the right sequence.

The second method is to use the dot makers. They can use the dauber markers to complete the patterns.

The last method is coloring. The child can color the pattern in the right order.

continue the pattern, pattern worksheets @momovators

continue the pattern, pattern worksheets @momovators

continue the pattern, pattern worksheets @momovators

Download Link 

The new fun missing pattern worksheets for kindergarten and primary class children can be downloaded using the below links. The download options are easy and hassle-free. Use anyone of the links to download the PDF file.

Final Note

The brain teaser worksheet helps to develop the cognitive skills in the kids. We at Momovators worksheets work to provide unique, interactive, useful, and educational free worksheets for toddlers, preschoolers, pre-kg, kindergarten, and primary class children. 

MOMOVATORS is all about Parenting, and Education. Click on the below links to know more about the parenting and teaching methodology.

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